Here goes

I’m totally new to this, but have to start somewhere! I’m inspired by the ladies from the fertilicare website and all their beautiful blogs. Thanks girls!

Today’s little victory – working out how to show a link. Yes, not bad for a software developer. There are some challenges still lying ahead, I think the next bridge to cross will be trying to reply to some other blogs on different sites that require logging in. Hmmm. Tried it today and gave up.

But it’s been an amazing journey so far, just filling in my details on the “about” page!



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6 responses to “Here goes

  1. bratty

    Hey Mash
    Welcome to the world of “Blogging”……meet you in the matrix…smile

  2. bratty

    Welcome to the world of Blogging….

  3. skrambled

    Hey welcome to blogland!!! From Ginger on FC

  4. mommyinwaiting

    Welcome to blogland! I find blogging so theraputic, such an outlet, a bit of self-therapy.

  5. Thanks ladies! I am loving the idea of this blog. Hey Mommyinwaiting, where’s your blog? Your “name” isn’t “linkable” but don’t ask me how on earth to make it linkable…

  6. m.

    ok! Now you need to add a RSS feed so I can stalk you. In a good way, of course.

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