About Prayers and Wishes

I’m not in any way religious, but don’t take that to mean I’m a non-believer.  I just don’t really want to be boxed in to one or another way of believing.  So I take a little bit from everyone’s belief systems and stick with the things I really enjoy.

I was reading skrambled’s blog on a wedding where guests were encouraged to send their wishes up in little hot air balloons.  And today my yoga teacher gave me a beautiful sequence to do that I have to share with y’all!  It’s a moving prayer.

Sitting on your knees (kneeling):  “Oh Universal Energy”
Rising up on your knees with your arms skywards:  “Giver of love, light and wisdom”
Bowing forwards with your arms forwards: “I choose to surrender to your purpose”
On hands and knees (cat stretch), arched back and head up: “Within the abundance of life”
Down Facing Dog :  “To find strength and stability”
Back to cat stretch: “To open my heart, awaken my intuition”
Back to bowing forwards with arms stretched forwards:  “Releasing my inner nonsense”
Back to rising up on knees: “So that I can rise in love, light and wisdom”
Kneeling: “of the universal self”

I’m a big believer in creating intention with our words.  It’s so important to focus on what we want to create in our lives and not what we already have that is not going well.

So here is my wish for all of us currently-fertility-challenged-ladies (I just can’t bring myself to use the IF word):

May we all be blessed by miracles
May all our futures be filled with morning sickness, sleepless nights, baby puke and smelly nappies (lots of them)
May we find peace in our souls
May the difficult journey we are on strengthen us, one way or another!



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5 responses to “About Prayers and Wishes

  1. Bratty

    Thanks for the wish

  2. Beautiful. I also believe strongly in talking good and positive over yourself. Your words form your future.

    All the best in your fertility-challenged walk 🙂


  3. Oh wow! I love this! I came over from The Maybe Baby and I’m so glad I did. I completely agree with you about clarifying our intentions and I really feel that it is a powerful form of prayer. Thank you for posting this!

  4. This is beautiful and I think it’s a great way to set your intentions and speak positivity into existence.

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