Tomorrow’s another day

Tomorrow is a big day.  Two of the fertilicare ladies are having their first scan, after both getting IVF BFP‘s.  Gwen and Sophie, I’ll be thinking of you.  One of my dearest friends who lives in Hong Kong is tying the knot.  Z, I’ll be thinking of you too.  One of my computer friends, we’ll call her C, has to suffer through yet another pre-trial in her Dad’s murder case.  Be strong C.  Oh yes, that and AF is due.  And although I’m not in HPT frenzy at the moment, the (0)(0)’s have been a bit sore, and so my mind has had a little wonder into the lala land of maybe-this-is-the-miracle-month…

So I’m kind of looking forward to a lovely day tomorrow, which would look like this:  Z says “I do”.  Gwen see’s one heartbeat, Sophie sees two.  The judge decides it’s time for C’s case to go to court properly, and puts those guys away ASAP.  And me… I guess the peaceful answer would be that AF arrives nice and early in the morning to put me out of my misery.  The ecstatic answer is that AF isn’t here by the time I finish work, I fly off to Dischem, buy another handful of pregnancy tests from a cashier I have never used before, and the first one comes up with two lines.

I hope you also all have a lovely Friday and that all your dreams come true!



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2 responses to “Tomorrow’s another day

  1. Bratty

    haaahhaaa…..POAS…i will also POAS too

  2. I hope your day goes just as you’ve outlined 😉


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