So some of the results are in. In fact there are more results today than I thought!

  • Maryna of fertilicare has a tentative definate BFP!!!!!
  • Samcy got further along in her cycle than in previous treatments but tested today and it was a chemical pregnancy, I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say our thoughts are with you today.
  • C and her family got a trial date, actually three, one for each of the killers
  • Myself – no AF, but POAS‘d and the one line said it all
  • Gwen saw her baby’s heartbeat
  • And to round off the news bulletin – this is Sophie’s news:  “1 strong heartbeat and perfect measurement +
    a second sac with fetal pole and measurements according to date but no heartbeat.  Going again next week Fri. for a scan. It could be that the second heart starts beating too. Or not.”

And so the week ends.  The news today totally sums up life in the fertility world actually – extreme highs, extreme lows.  And lots of holding our breath.  Thank goodness we all have each other.



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6 responses to “Today

  1. ttcnot2easy

    Gawd, I just wish I could make all the hurt go away…

    Very pleased for the positive results on FC, but equally devastated for the bad news. It sucks.


  2. Bratty

    Me too…I am so with you on this one….
    Well, I got some good news….my AF started…yahoo…yahooo…smile

    • Hi Bratty – fill me in, how is that good news, does it mean you can have your op sooner?

      • bratty

        Mash, I have to celebrate something…and with my AF starting it means that the op will definitely happen on Tuesday…

        Hopefully this will be my last seriously painful AF…

        Hoorrraaayyy for the small things in

  3. I’m so proud of you my friend, you always manage to stay so positive xxx

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