Baby Shower Meltdowns

I think the first baby shower meltdown is kind of a milestone on the journey. I had mine today. I had been rushing around like a maniac to get to this baby shower on time, and was wrapping the present in the car when I realised I didn’t have sticky tape. And then the wheels came off. I phoned DH to find out if I left the sticky tape on the dining room table and started sobbing like a maniac. Nothing could stop me. Unfortunately DH’s response was “pull yourself together, it’s only sticky tape”. That made it so much worse. I turned on the car and drove home, sobbing the whole way. Sobbing and sobbing.

And that my dear “friends in the computer” is my last baby shower. No more. I never thought I would reach this stage, I managed to stay positive and smile my way through them before, but I seem to have crossed the bridge into can’t-do-baby-showers-anymore. It snuck up on me like a ninja in the night. And now, instead of going to my in-laws for the weekend, I’m going to bed. And I’m not getting out for anyone. For those of you that are still doing baby showers – a little hint. Don’t tempt fate and try to go to one when you have PMS raging like a bull through your body, it might just send you over to the other side like it did to me!


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