Happy Ending

This weekend one of my “friends in the computer” became a mommy.  Sharon has had 5 IVF’s amongst other stressful fertility treatments over the past 7 years, during which time she also suffered 7 miscarriages.  She has been such a pillar of strength to those of us just starting out on this journey, always encouraging us, and giving us the information and background that half an hour with a fertility specialist can never provide. 

Just over 6 weeks ago, she had her last miscarriage, and the emotional pain she went through as a result was shared by many of us in the community.   I’m sure that a few of us (myself included) started questioning whether this journey was really worth it.  And Sharon herself came to a decision, slowly but surely, that she’d had enough of treatments and pregnancies.

From that moment on, it seems to me that the universe stepped into supergear.  3 weeks later the forms were filled in and here we are, another three weeks later, Sharon has her baby angel in her arms. 

It’s as if this little soul was always destined to be Sharon’s baby, it’s as if there was never any doubt.  Her little girl just swept into her life like a leaf on the wind.  When something is somebody’s fate, there is nothing anybody can do to change it.  When you work in unison with the universe, I think it feels right, it’s the gentle nudge that you listen to when you shut out all the other screaming voices in your head for a while.  Maybe that’s what they mean when they refer to a “moment of truth”, it’s a moment of knowing, beyond doubt that things are going to happen differently from now on.

And then like a wave that catches you on a body board, you are swept in to shore.

It’s like being a witness to a miracle.



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5 responses to “Happy Ending

  1. skrambled

    Lovely post! Ava is truly a prayer answered! Lets hope for more answered prayers soon.

  2. bratty

    I should have been Walt Disney..cause i believe in magic and happy endings.

    Sharons story leaves you with a nice warm feeling that good things do happen to good people

  3. ttcnot2easy

    Isn’t it just amazing how things turn out? I’m completely blown away by Sharon’s turn of events. I shake my head in wonder each time I think about it. It’s just wonderful. I can’t wait to read her update on the birth!!

  4. Yes, Sharon has had a very long and painful journey, and now looking at how 2009 is ending for her, she is a source of hope, all over again, to everybody…my blessings abound on her baby girl….

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