Julie and Julia

Hello fellow bloggers and bloggettes.  Please do yourself a favour and go and watch this movie.  It’s got Meryl Streep in it (that’s a good enough reason in itself) and it’s about food and blogging.  For those of you in South Africa – it’s on at Cinema Nouveau.  And then follow it with a hot chocolate and a chat with a good friend.  Good for the soul!



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3 responses to “Julie and Julia

  1. ttcnot2easy

    Ah man – my friend went to watch it on her own when our husbands were away, and she said that it was LOVELY! She said that she walked out the cinema smiling – which lasted the whole day. I’ll have to wait for it come out on DVD, ‘coz there’s NO way my DH would take me to see a “chick flick” – the old fart!!

  2. LOL – I’m hearing such mixed reviews.

    I for one found it boring as all get out but that’s me (and I love food) and here you are loving it.

    P.S. Came over from creme de la creme and see you’re also South African – I’m in Jhb

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