The US of A

A few days ago I suddenly got the feeling that the work on my adhesions is not done.  It’s no good going to all these alternative practitioners and handing over my problems to them, I need to take ownership of this thing if I want it healed.  I know it can be done, we’ve all heard of Brandon Bayes healing her tumour the size of a basket ball, and many other similar stories.  These are some little adhesions we’re talking about here!  But it’s not going to happen while I lie on someone’s therapy bench, I need to get more involved.

I’ve been going for Bowen Therapy and am a big fan.  I studied yoga with the lady who does it, and she is very a talented healer.  Her own son had a tumour (not malignant) the size of a plum in his lower back.  After two unsuccessful treatments in hospital, she took him out and decided to tackle it with a philosophy she had a lot more faith in, natural healing.  She worked together with a homeopath and used intense visualisation of the tumour shrinking, each day giving her son something to imagine.  And yes, the tumour is gone.  Completely.

So I decided that I need some visuals to work with, I needed to find some pictures first of fallopian tubes with adhesions, and then of healthy fallopian tubes.  And then suddenly I had a thought, my entire insides are covered in adhesions.  Just because I want my fallopian tubes to “perform” doesn’t mean that I should neglect the rest!

Google took me almost instantly to this website.  It feels a bit like a godsend, here is someone who is really dealing with the actual problem, the adhesions, and not trying to find a workaround (which is what IVF would be for me).  I’m really fascinated by what they are doing, and their stats are great – way better than IVF which is basically 30% each time.  I’m especially intrigued by this because I don’t even know where the adhesions are, they could be inside my uterus, which means that even an IVF pregnancy might be rejected as a result.  I emailed them, asking if there was any way I could get this treatment or something similar in South Africa.

And the answer was… we get lots of people from overseas, here is more info on what we do.  No, nobody in South Africa (or anywhere else in the world) is qualified to do this.  Until that moment, the thought of actually making the trip to America had not crossed my mind.  The treatment and flights are going to cost as much as two IVF treatments, even though the treatment is relatively cheap for Americans, costing about 1/6th of IVF over there.  It’s the exchange rate that is the killjoy.  R7.80 for $1.

So now a new possibility has dawned in my mind.  I’m seeing pictures of me and the Statue of Liberty (liberty as a symbol of freedom from adhesions, cool huh?), eating donuts in New York, catching one of those yellow cabs.  I know it’s cliched, but indulge me (the treatment in fact is in either Iowa, Florida or California, but New York – come on, it has to be done!). 

DH does not think this is a good idea.  Firstly because it saps our entire IVF fund for 2010, and so I can’t blame him.  There is the possibility that I may still need IVF after this treatment.  And, as he correctly pointed out, how much of this is about handing over the job to someone else again?  I just wish he could see the flicker of hope that I see, the possibility of a whole, healthy, fertile and drug free me.   Why can’t he just humour me and entertain the idea for a little while?  I love the idea of taking a journey, literally, and coming back to Africa healed.

Maybe this is my journey, it’s about me becoming well again, and I shouldn’t be looking for approval from DH or anyone else.  Why do I always do that anyway?



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8 responses to “The US of A

  1. ttcnot2easy

    This is all very interesting. I’ve always maintained that the mind is more powerful that we all give it credit for. Another fascinating thing is noetic science – sending positive thoughts to something, as well as negative to another example and seeing the difference in the results. It’s touched on in Dan Brown’s latest Novel – The Lost Symbol.
    So many ppl think it’s hogwash, but I think that the capacity of what our minds can achieve is endless. You just have to BELIEVE.

  2. bratty

    You have my vote….if there is even the slightest chance that they can heal you..go for it

    Just bring me back a souvenir from the USA

    Happy smiles

  3. mommyinwaiting

    Well, I can’t comment on the treatment as I know nothing about it, BUT the States is the most amazing place. It is a little like a whole continent in one country… oh yes, that’s because it is! Hopelessly and I spent a month in the States travelling from Texas to the Grand Canyon, Hopelessly also spent a month in the States before we got married travelling from Michigan to Florida. The Americans in America are warm and friendly and welcoming. A stranger invited us to stay in his house for a few days when our tent was stolen and he had never knew us from a bar of soap. We would never hesitate to return to travel some more.

    Regardless of your reason for visiting the States I can’t imagine not having an amazing time.

  4. just found your blog today, after being diagnosed with two blocked tubes. i too read about clear passages, and look forward to reading more about your journey.

  5. findingeve

    Hi there! Just stopping by. These are all decisions you have to make, but I echo mommyinwaiting in saying that the US is quite nice, all things considered. My father’s family all grew up in Iowa. Folks there are extremely friendly. I lived for a short while in northeast Florida. It is beautiful and the people are mostly nice. I also have family who live in Southern California–it is very expensive there, but beautiful. The people seem pretty laid back.

    Anyway, just a little information. Good luck. I wish you great success!

  6. I’ll tell you this- if you DO come to NYC for treamtment, you have a whole bunch of fellow IVFers to meet and show ya around! There are TONS of us here. Do you ever go to Find us on the NY Thread!!


  7. have you tried Dr Willard’s Water? It is very affordable and it is flavorless so it doesn’t hurt to experiment with it. I would think you could use it topically and drink it twice daily. It has a way of lubricating the body and delivering nutrients to where they need to be. I’m so impressed with it that I’ve nicknamed it “have fewer out-of-the-vortex moments water”

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