Dear Little One

My “Fertility Angel” who lives on the bedside table

I found this beautiful little carved statuette the other day, and it inspired me to the point that I had to make a special trip back to the shop to buy it. Her. Isn’t she lovely? Every day, I look at her and remember what this is all about.

Another inspiration I’ve had recently – the lovely Maryna from Fertilicare wrote this poem to her future little one, and then got a BFP a few days later.  And our other poetess, Chloe, posted this and another poem which I am not allowed to link to for some strange reason… and anyway, to cut a long story short, got her BFP a few days ago too.

So I’m thinking poetry is the way to go!  I’m not very good at making things rhyme.  But I’m going to write a little something to my future little one anyway.  Here goes.

Dear Little One.  We are going to be the best mommy and daddy in the world.  Really.  You won’t be spending much time being anaethetised by the TV, although this might upset you when you are little, you’ll be grateful when you are older.  Instead we are going to take you for hikes up table mountain, picnics in the botanical gardens.  We’ll show you the whales in Hermanus, the penguins in Simonstown and go for swims in the sea.  We’ll take you to Greyton, to a farm in the mountains where your Nanna lives.  She will spoil you, and shower you with gifts.  She’s waiting so eagerly for your arrival!

We’ll take you on an aeroplane to visit your Oma* in Joburg, and when we  are there we’ll show you real live animals in the bushveld.  Lions, elephants and giraffes.  Your Oma, by the way, is totally born for the job.  After you’ve had your fourth biscuit and we say “no more”, Oma will sneak one under the table to you.  In her house, you will rule.  Your Opa is no longer here with us, I wonder if you have met him in heaven?  Maybe you are spending some time with him, maybe you are playing together?  In that case take all the time you need.  Know that when you come to earth to be with us, he will be watching over you, being your silent guide, the gentle voice of reason in your life.  We will teach you all the lessons he taught us.  You have a Granddad too, he lives in England.  He’s a lovely, gentle, kind man.  We’ll take you there and show you snow.

You’ll have your Daddy wrapped around your little baby finger.  I know this, because I have seen him with children.  He melts like butter.  I have a feeling you will do no wrong in his eyes.  We’ll feed you only the best, most nutritious food, and it’s going to taste good, because we both love to cook.  We’ll encourage you to explore, to experience everything the world has to offer.  We’ll teach you that life is an adventure.  We’ll never pressurise you into being a high achiever, or studying something you aren’t interested in.  You can do anything you want with your life.  And we will be there to support you.

And so, dear one, we eagerly await your arrival.  And give our love to Opa, tell him we miss him so much.  Enjoy the time you are spending with him, I know he will.

*Means grandmother in Dutch


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6 responses to “Dear Little One

  1. Bratty

    What a beautiful post….makes my heart very sore…dreaming about what seems a life time away.

    I tried my hand at poetry. I was not very good though…so I have left poetry in the hands of my Darling B.

    Love the statue. I remember seeing it in a store years ago…

    Wish you all the best, Mash….

  2. I love Willow Tree Angels 🙂 I have one too (not the same as yours) and it sits on my bedside table as well… it reminds me to have faith even when my faith is failing.

    Here’s to your little one.


  3. Tam

    Just lovely! I also love those Angels and think that maybe it’s a good idea to get one to remind me of what this journey is all about – especially since I’m battling to stay hopeful now days.

    I truly hope that your prayers are answered soon.

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  5. dee

    Hi sweety, if I may ask where did you get this Angel? Ive tried searching the net but it appears you can only get them in the US? Would love to know if you got it here?

    Very sweet letter x

    • I found in a little shop in Bayside shopping centre near Tableview, but apparently there are other shops selling them too. Generally gift shops sell them. I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I see them anywhere again!

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