The Sign


During my time in Johannesburg with my family, we decided to go to a game farm for a few days. The bush was my Dad’s favourite place in the world, he really found his peace there. Everytime you go to the bushveld, there is a totally new and unique experience waiting for you.

It’s all about spotting game in it’s natural environment. There are some animals like cheetahs or leopards that you may only see once or twice in a lifetime (I know a proffesional hunter who lives in the bush and has only seen leopards twice). And then of course there are also animals that you may see more frequently.

As my DH was driving us there, I was looking out of the window, daydreaming about how my Dad would have loved to join us on this trip. My Dad’s favourite animal was the warthog. I remember once when we were kids, he got so excited about spotting a warthog in a game reserve we were visiting, that he reversed my mom’s car into a tree.

And then I made a little deal with him in my mind. I said to him “Dad, if you are with us this weekend, then show us a warthog”. Warthogs are fairly common and so the chances were, we were going to see one, although I haven’t seen one in a few years. I continued daydreaming and almost forgot about the little deal I made with him.

We stopped for lunch and petrol, and eventually arrived at our accomodation. The game farm was stunning, clearly the owner has a deep passion for this place. And because there are no major predators, there are also no fences around the accomodation, and you can walk around the farm. It was really hot, and we followed the signs to our cottage.

As we rolled around the corner, there they were. Five warthogs, standing on the lawn, a Daddy, a Mommy and three daughters. Ok, I couldn’t actually see if the babies were girls or not, but HELLOOOOOO! It was a perfect representation of our family. I started to giggle, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! The warthogs saw us and bolted into the bushveld. It was the very first game we saw. And I think if I had to add up the number of warthogs we saw during the weekend, it would be well over 50!

Thanks Dad! Got that loud and clear!



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3 responses to “The Sign

  1. Bratty

    I LOVE SIGNS………!!!!!!

  2. ttcnot2easy

    WONDERFUL!! My whole body is one big goose-flesh!!

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