My Pr.eggy Clothes

Yes I know. Even this title is making me cringe. The thing is, I’ve only just really admitted it to myself. Over the past, oh, 15 years, I would occasionally come across a little item in a shop and think – oh that’s cute AND I could even wear it when I fall pregnant one day. Some of these hideous clothes, I wouldn’t be caught dead in, in fact many of them I have never worn.

But I never threw them out, because I have what we call in the yoga world “attachment” to them. An emotional bind to a material thing, that acts like a kid having a temper tantrum while hanging off it’s mother’s ankle in a shopping centre, on your spiritual growth. It’s very unlikely that throwing these potato sacks out of my wardrobe is going to hinder my ability to become pregnant, although I’m thinking that’s what the original thought process was.

Maybe my new mantra is starting to work. “My body and mind are clean, clear and free of restrictions (read adhesions/attachments to fugly clothes)”.

I also instituted a new rule in my life (it’s a Virgo thing, we can’t help ourselves) – I am not allowed to bring a new item of clothing into my wardrobe without throwing something out in return (giving it to charity). And with the January sales on (I have too much Dutch blood in me to resist a sale), and a credit card that is still warm from helping the lovely shops in my local shopping centre clear their sales items, it seems that some less fortunate, pregnant woman (with hopefully bad taste) is going to get very lucky this month.

PS Do you think this woman’s belly is for real or maybe she just used one of her couch cushions?

PPS I had to change the title because I was getting so many hits from actual people who are able to fall pregnant and have a use for clothes such as these.



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6 responses to “My Pr.eggy Clothes

  1. Bratty

    I also had a wardrobe full of clothes (they were my Thin clothes)…I have put on 10 kgs in the last two years and did not have the heart to throw them away. (I was going to fit into them soon). I decided that the time had come to get rid of them….Now I only have my fat

    No way, on the belly, if it is for real then it must be multiples…..

  2. LOLOL…I too tend to cling on to old clothes….

    But it is going to be changing a wee bit this time. I have ordered a few new clothes, and once they come by, I have already picked out two dresses that I will like to phase out.

    And oh, btw, that lady’s bump is so fake…..what did they use in the photo shoot? Giant pillows?

  3. Hey, although a little late in coming, I wanted to respond to a beautiful comment you left for me on my post recently.

    Umm….I have never visualized personalities, it is always the gender thing that is kind of standing out for me. I am a very rational person as such, and I have been able to easily assimilate the dreams that I see. There is just a bunch of 4-5 that I think are deeply meaningful. I have also experienced some really powerful coincidences, even though it is mostly science I rely on.

    I did a post on my dreams here:

  4. mommyinwaiting

    Hmm, I lost a lot of weight last year and have been keeping my ‘fat’ clothes for preggie clothes! Now I can never find anything that actually fits me in my wardrobe cause it’s crowded out by clothes I can’t wear now. Maybe we should start living in the now and stop worrying about the future/past (well if you figure out how to do that, please let me know).

    As for the belly – it has the oddest angle so unless that’s a baby’s elbow or knee, I’m definitely thinking fake and bad fake at that!

  5. ttcnot2easy

    Mmm.. I have just been reminded that I, too, have some PG clothes stashed away.. Maybe I’ll throw them out / give them away when I turn 40 – at least THEN I’ll be sure that I’ll never be PG 😉

  6. jumping hoops

    AHAHAHAHA – I have a black, shapless surfer dress hanging in my cupboard for exactly the same reason!

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