Cranberry Tablets

So I was doing all this praying and sending golden light into my throbbing tooth.  And as I was driving to the dentist (in fact I made DH take me because I have fainted from needles etc before), I was running my tongue over my tooth that has served me for so long, and saying a mournful goodbye to the life inside it.  I got to the dentist and said, please can you explain what makes you choose a root canal over a filling?  So I got the medical background on that (the poor man got the type of technical interview my FS is constantly being subjected to by me), and then he said, if you really want me to do a root canal I will, but I’m not 100% convinced the problem is actually with this tooth.

No dude, I do not want a root canal.

I have been psyching myself up for over a week, and I was scared.  I’m not big on medical procedures, and I hate the thought of people destroying parts of my body, even if it’s for the greater good.  During the four days leading up to the appointment, a little dose of cystitis had crept up on me too.  In the mind body field, cystitis is very closely linked with fear, so I wasn’t surprised.  I tried everything, going to the loo, not going to the loo, pranayama (yogic breathing) and urinary tract antacid.  Nada.  And as I was duck waddling past my colleague’s office yesterday in the race to get to the loo in time (it’s about 10km’s away) she called me over and recommended cranberry tablets.

Thank you God.  And Debra.  Last night I slept through the night, no toilet dashes.  And the tooth?  Well they can’t see any infection on the x-rays, so we are waiting-and-seeing.  Until either I’m in excruciating pain, or it goes away by itself.  And in the meantime we don’t have to put the breeding plans on hold anymore (was taking a break this month due to the expected dental drug onslaught) and we are back on the bandwagon so to speak!



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5 responses to “Cranberry Tablets

  1. Hope you feel beter soon honey and that the cranberry tablets continue to do their thing.


  2. Well, I hope your plans get re-aligned soon.

    Meanwhile I hope all the health problems would get sorted effectively….good luck!

  3. …well this is in response to the question you posed in the comments…

    …the bangles I bought are not specifically visible here. They are not sparkly at all.

  4. I can’t believe you managed to get out of the root canal! You will have to share your tips – I have had 3!
    Also, never heard of cranberry tablets before, will bear these in mind next time so I don’t have to down litres and litres of juice which I hate!

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