29 Gifts

This should hopefully help to snap me out of my pity party of recent weeks:

Dee’s 29 Day Gift Challenge

Who’s joining us?

I’m going to start today. I have no idea how!



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5 responses to “29 Gifts

  1. Bratty

    Hey M….I will be cheering from the sideline

    I think my upcoming IVF will make my head all wishy washy and I am bound to loose it and be POAS from day 1….but it is seriously a good idea

  2. Brilliant idea! I think homemade stuff would be great – like cupcakes or something like that?

  3. dee

    YAY! I have a partner!! Im already thinking about what to give away today. Im going to blog about what I did last night.

  4. ChrisN

    This is an awesome idea. I think maybe I should try this for the month of March becuase heaven knows infertility can reduce you to a pity party. I hear the lady who originally did this has written a book on it. I got an email from exclusive books about it. Have you read it?

  5. mommyinwaiting

    Dee I love this idea, can’t promise to join, but… hmmm maybe.

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