My Little Space In the World

I just love blogging so much, it’s so exciting to have somewhere to plonk my emotions every so often. And then to get support from the other bloggers, people I have never met! It’s so SAFE because I can say exactly what I think and feel, and nobody gets offended.

Thanks for all the support you guys give me.

Gifting journal – last night I scanned in a helpful article for a friend who has been looking after her Dad for a while, people don’t realise how difficult it is when the parents become the children. And it’s happening all around me, many of my friends are suddenly becoming responsible for parents who are physically and frequently financially, unable to look after themselves. So again, it was a small gesture on my part, but it took quite a substantial amount of my time, and giving of my time at this stage of my life much more of a challenge than throwing money at things. Today, I have spent some time printing out photos I took of people on my travels in the last few years, to post to them. One little girl in India and a guy who was running a tiny little shop in the bushveld.

The giving plan for tomorrow is stain removal. It’s a family thing, my grandmother had an entire cupboard full of washing powders and stain removers. It’s the thing that got passed down through the generations, from mother to daughter. In my obsession to find the perfect thing to remove the red wine stain from my wedding dress, I discovered the hydrogen peroxide/dishwashing liquid mix. It WILL remove any organic stain from anywhere. Without bleaching it or destroying it. By organic, I mean, it’s not going to work if you dip your white T-shirt in printer ink or something. But wine, grease, soil, grass – bring it on.

So DH’s favourite polo shirt has been lying at the bottom of the washing basket with a strange red stain and a grease mark that won’t come out, for the last few weeks. When he gets back from his business trip it’s going to be oh so sparkly and hanging back in his cupboard. I love doing little domestic things like this, because my life otherwise is not very girly, I’m a software developer, and I have someone else who cleans my house.

But first, I must post my photos, and find an outfit for my friend’s party tonight. The theme is incognito so I have to find a wig or something!



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3 responses to “My Little Space In the World

  1. ttcnot2easy

    Ah! So you’re a bit of a Monica too??? I love doing that kind of thing too – how strangely rewarding it is! My T thinks I’m totally bonkers.. but it’s SOO divine scrubbing and getting that sparkly clean reward!!!!!!!

  2. I love blogging too!!! Yeah to getting it out there and to stain removal therapy! xx

  3. Bratty

    Yaaahh…for blogging….

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