G and B

Are any of you watching the latest Guiliana and Bill series?  I don’t generally watch celebrity reality shows, I prefer trashy stuff like I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant (because, as you know, I live in hope of spontaneous, unexpected labour in the chocolate aisle).  But G and B, wow.  How amazing are they?  I even have my DH glued to it, and his favourite genre is usually anything with guns, bombs, cars, terrible chinese actors and/or rugby players.

What strikes me about it, is that if she hadn’t gone through her IF journey, and if she hadn’t experience two failed IVF’s, she would never have gone to a new clinic, and she would never have been sent for a mammogram.  They might not have found it in time.  Like in a horribly twisted way, IF saved her life.

Have you ever wondered what the reason isfor your IF?  I’ve always felt like somehow, it would all be revealed to me, it would all make sense eventually.  I don’t know the reason for my IF.  But I can say this, the adoption path feels so completely different and somehow relaxing.  I can’t really put a finger on it.  I think it could just be that my body is no longer required to step up to the plate.  I no longer have to beg and plead on both hands and knees for my uterus to play nice.  There’s something else about it, for some reason it’s going smoothly.  I’m not sure how, or why, but every time we need to get something done, it happens quickly and easily.  Like we needed to go for a medical, but in the nine years we have lived here, we haven’t had a GP.  So a friend of mine mentioned a name of someone who  is both a homeopath and a GP, in my area.  I phoned and asked for an appointment on Monday, and he (the secretary was on lunch) asked if we could make it this morning.  After the (amazing) appointment, my DH went to the chiropractor who told him that this GP’s practice has been so popular, it’s been closed to new patients for years!  Maybe he was moved by the fact that it was for an adoption? 

Then there is other news.  The guy that held us up at knifepoint in April has been caught, together with 8 others.  He was apparently the ringleader, and it seems we got off lightly.  Another of their 23 victims was very badly assaulted.  Anyhow.  It now means that we have to go to identity parades for each of those nine people (well two at a time) until we see our man.  And it just so happens that those identity parades are a hop, skip and a jump away from the social worker’s offices.  It gives us the opportunity to drop off some of the paperwork each time (because there is a mahussive wad of paperwork let me tell you).

Yes, I’m enjoying the adoption journey so far.  Maybe it’s just the feeling that we are in action again, there’s a sliver of hope again.  I’m so spurred on by G and B’s journey at the moment, wow in last night’s episode their gestational carrier got a BFP and I sobbed big crocodile tears.  Really, it was high time something went right for those two!  Please let our turn be soon!



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5 responses to “G and B

  1. Hey Hon, its good to hear you in a different headspace! So pleased that you are feeling comfortable and at peace with your decision to adopt, your little soul will surely find you at exactly the right moment.

  2. The Blessed Barrenness

    I watch G&B and cry every week. It touches a raw spot for me and takes me back to a very dark place. I sobbed tears of joy when they got their BFP and she had that break down at hearing the news. I was finished!
    P.S. did I ever respond to your email about Blurb? Sorry blonde moment and I can’t remember?

  3. Sam

    I am ubsessed with G&B and watching their show, I think cos they’re the only celebs who’ve been open from the start about their IF struggles and I have huge respect for them! SO happy for them that they have their miracle now…

    but not as happy as I’ll be when you get yours.


  4. I also watch and I might or might not shed a few tears (who am I kidding, waterworks). I make my hubby watch with me (which he was not happy about, but now he gladly watches it with me and we can relate big time).

    How are you?

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