Perfect Moment Monday

Here is a little inspiration I came across today.  For a while, I’ve been reading Maybe Baby, hers is the first blog I ever read from start to finish, and I adore her writing style.  She occasionally posts a Perfect Moment Monday, and for some reason, today I finally really got it. I got that blogging about your Perfect Moment of the week is not so much about writing it down, so much as noticing it.  And before I continue, I should credit Lavender Luz because it was her idea in the first place, and don’t you love how blogging ideas can spread!

My perfect moments for the week follow.  I should mention that since we are in Africa, you might wear the watches, but we have the time.  That means that I get to use the term “Monday” loosely, since it is actually Wednesday here.  And while I’m on the subject, should you ever decide to visit here, and you hear the term “just now”, it has a very specific meaning – anytime between one minute from now or three years from now.  It means drop your expectations and set us free from the restrictive chains of time commitment with regards to this thing we are promising, it will happen.  Just now.

My first perfect moment is from this past weekend.  You know, we’ve had a few financial blows, not the least of which was DH’s salary being cut in half temporarily while he retrains.   We needed to get away, and so I organised a camping trip.  We got to our campsite in the dark, and the first perfect moment was when we drove past all the manicured, buffed and polished 4×4’s and drove across the river in our VW polo hatchback.  When we got to the other side, we realised we had that entire campsite to ourselves, bliss!  The next day it rained, and since we were in the mountains, it was quite cold.  For perfect moment #2, we built a massive big fire, put up our beach umbrella to sit under, and drank a very fabulous bottle of wine as we made lunch.

We’ve been obsessing working really hard on our adoption profile.  We get home, make dinner (always an elaborate affair in our home, fussy gits we are) and then settle down for an hour or two to work on our profile blog.  One of DH’s perks in his new job is very, very, very cheap food.  Last night he brought home a massive punnet of strawberries, some Alaskan salmon and salad.  We ate a scrumptious meal, and ended it with strawberries, covered in a teaspoon of brown sugar and left to get slightly syrupy with a dollop of creme fraiche.  Oh my hat.  Those strawberries made perfect moment #3.

But the best perfect moment of the week has certainly been this morning.  I decided to put my ass on the line and commit to handing in the profile on Monday, even if it means working through the night on the weekend.  I emailed the social workers and got an email back this morning to say they were really excited to get our profile.  What?  Our little profile?  Seriously?  I got a shiver of excitement and had to let out a little squeal… because it hit me that this is real.  On Monday, the wheels are going to be in motion.  And then I will be popping in to celebrate being pregnant on paper to a bloggette-who-recently-was-a-miracle-adoption-recipient-and-who-is-surely-going-to-blog-about-it-soon?  Yes you!  🙂

Before I go, I must share another link.  It’s about making adoption profiles, and I have to say, this is a subject I’m starting to get passionate about.  I have ideas in my head about maybe getting together with the aforementioned bloggette and doing workshops or something about this… free ones as a seva.

Oh my goodness – how bizarre is that?  The link that I wanted to put here (I found it on the weekend) turns out to also belong to Lavender Luz, what are the chances?  Coinkidink?  Good grief and she’s also running this page… which I wanted to quote from…  Wow.  Had to take a moment there!

OK so getting to the point.  As I mentioned in my previous post, once we took on some of the advice we had found about making our adoption profile birth parent friendly – we pretty much rewrote it from scratch.  Lori summarises this beautifully in her tips on Profiles That Get Picked (especially love the first parent comments in this one) and The Terrible Toos.  I won’t quote because it’s copyrighted, but click away and read.  Especially point number 5!

I’ll say that writing this profile has taught me a lot more than just about writing profiles.  It brings up all kinds of stuff about your life, who you were, who you are, what kind of parent you want to be.  How you express yourself.  And I really became present to how many awesome parents are probably not getting a look in because they can’t get their awesomeness across in their profiles.  Will write more about that another time…



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3 responses to “Perfect Moment Monday

  1. Well hallo! I love Perfect Moments not only because they cause me to be more aware of, well, moments, but also because the bloghop brings new people into my world.

    I have added your linky to the list — hope that’s all right 🙂

    So funny that you found me in other ways at the same time. Coinkydink, for sure (or the fact that I spend waaaay too much time blogging).

    I remember the feelings I had when we submitted our profile. Elation that the possibilities seemed limitless. And also dread about being in the position of not DOing anything — just letting things unfold.

    May your unfolding be wonderful.

  2. I’m so glad you found so many perfect moments and that you connected with my wonderful friend Lori through both her perfect moment Mondays posts and her adoption info.

  3. I too am beyond excited about your profile, along with your amazing social workers:) I have FINALLY started a blog entry about our placement!! Thing is, I am currently only clocking in at an average of 2 lines per week…. oh dear…. but just so you don’t feel alone, I will also stay up late over the weekend to blogshare our miracle spring story 🙂 Sending you so much love…. and I look forward to celebrating being pregnant on paper with you on Monday! WOOOHOOO!!!

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