Off the Subject a Little

I don’t want to make the title of my post the title of the movie I saw last night, because I’ll get a whole lot of traffic to my blog from people who aren’t really all that interested in adoption 😉

But I’m so blown away by this movie that I really want to mention it.  It’s called S.earching Fo.r Sug.arman.  It’s a documentary about an artist (Ro.drigues) whose music completely and utterly took off in South Africa, our tiny little country with only (at the time) around 40 million people in it, where he sold over half a million albums.  We jolled (partied) our heads off to it for years, his music was like an anthem to us.

Little did we know that apart from Australia, nobody else had ever heard of him. And even less did we know, that he had no idea he had sold any albums anywhere, and had never seen a cent of royalties.  He was working as a construction worker in Detroit.

The movie is on a shortlist for an Academy Award.  If you have some time during this crazy season, get yourself off to an Indie Cinema (Nouveau for South Africans) and watch it.



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2 responses to “Off the Subject a Little

  1. I have heard so many good things about that movie. I really must get to watch it.

  2. St. Elsewhere

    Thank you for the heads up…it is incredible how people who are the watts of our life, are not so watted elsewhere in the world. I totally made that watted part.

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