Post Carefully People, Post Very Carefully

Happy New Year, I hope all your dreams are racing towards you at breakneck speed!  Last year was an amazing year, and a seriously crap year all rolled into one.  Let’s see.  Not in any particular order.  A great trip to Kruger, my sister’s MS diagnosis, a cancellation leading to our adoption screening, the death of my sister’s children’s beloved nanny from HIV (which she was secretly suffering from hence no ARV drugs), a phenomenal Christmas holiday with my sister, her husband and children and my mom (words can’t describe the awesomeness), an armed robbery at my sister’s house, my other sweet darling sister getting engaged and then right towards the end of the year the same darling sister having an episode which may lead to her also being diagnosed with MS (only a 1% chance of a sibling getting it).

I am squabbling with God a bit.  I have an amazing (lucky) life.  And also I seem to have been sent quite a substantial set of trials and tribulations, so I’m negotiating with God a little, if maybe we could just even it out for a year or two, and life could be just a tad less eventful in either direction while I catch my breath (apart from maybe an adoption placement).  Negotiations are ongoing at this point.

My word for last year was Connect and I loved that word, it really pulled me forward.  Nothing spectacular or unusual came from that, just a tendency to make a phone call instead of send an sms, or make a plan to spend some time with someone rather than just withdraw from the world out of exhaustion.  It was powerful and created many special moments, which could have otherwise turned out to be just a blur of everydayness.

My word for this year is Joy.  Partly as an instruction to the universe, partly as a reminder to myself.  Will keep you informed as to how that pans out.

I want to just mention something that I’ve been reminded of a couple of times in the past few days, and it’s about how we are all (myself included), living our lives online and putting ourselves at risk.  This video speaks volumes to me.

And then there is the other aspect, the amount of trust that we place in information we find online, which Tertia recently highlighted.  Gobsmacked by this.  A medical student who created around 71 FB profiles to make a fictional couple she created seem real, and then started posting sob stories about their lives including children with cancer and accidental deaths.

So what is that exactly, a need for human interaction?

Then finally, I’ve posted this before, but I’m posting it again.  Once your photos are on the internet… they are no longer yours.  End of story.  This woman posted a photo of her family on her blog and her friend spotted it advertising a supermarket in Prague.

I have small moments when I see this kind of stuff, where I’m tempted to close my blog and FB account.  But then I get over it!  Still the warning is ever present in my mind.

Post carefully, post safely.



January 16, 2013 · 12:16 pm

3 responses to “Post Carefully People, Post Very Carefully

  1. The Blessed Barrenness

    Here’s hoping 2013 will be a year of joy for you! xxx

  2. Sam

    Sjoe hectic busy year that 2012 was for you Mash. I pray that you have a year FULL of joy and much excitement due to an adoption placement. The whole Tertia debacle also left me feeling quite unsettled for a while but you know I’m not nearly as “popular” as her and perhaps it’s naive to think this way but I can’t imagine anyone wanting to steal my photos from my little old blog… But scary how easily it can happen.


  3. May Joy come your way Mash (hope it will be an all-consuming-adoption-placement-joy) !!
    Love, Sophie

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