It Has to be Said

Everyone is so tired of hearing about the Athlete with Violent Tendencies.  But I’m so angry about his bail being granted that I feel I should point out a few things about it (and hopefully once I’ve got it out I’ll get some sleep again).

I grew up in a home with firearms.  My father died in a gun battle with intruders.  And still, not for one tiny little iota of a moment, do I buy this man’s version of the story.

My father would never in a million years have fired a single shot without knowing one hundred percent for sure where each of his family members (including the dog) were.  Even once he was one hundred percent certain of everyone’s whereabouts, he would never have fired through a closed bathroom door.  A closed kitchen door, maybe.  But a closed bathroom door, in the middle of the night?  Never.

The girl was fully dressed, at 3 am, not in her night clothes.  He removed the gun from the holster, and then left the holster on the bed.  You try, in the dark tonight, to sit next to your bed, place an item on the bed and not notice whether your partner is/isn’t in that bed.

He shot her in cold blood during a temper tantrum, sobbed his eyes out in court with remorse and that silly judge fell for it.

On the one hand, I dearly wish I could be one of those zennish, non-judgemental, politically correct people.  Leave it to the justice system to resolve, after all, what do I know.  But this one is a little close to home for me and it’s left my blood boiling with anger.

We live in a country that is overwhelmed with violence, and instead of allowing an Athlete with Violent Tendencies to use this as an excuse, we should see it for what it is.  It’s the reason he did it.  Because he could.  Because there is only a 7% conviction rate for murder in South Africa and his chances of getting away with it were and still are good.

Isn’t it so ironic, the icon that he is, once united us as a nation in joy for possibility, and now divides us so sharply?

OK.  Off my soap box.  Back to the usual subject matter and may even attempt a Perfect Moment Monday tomorrow!



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10 responses to “It Has to be Said

  1. darylfaure

    I quite agree with you! I feel sick that he will most probably get off because he has a better lawyer, but is guilty as sin. Mostly I feel so sad for her family who have been so gracious throughout their terrible loss.

  2. oh wow, you are brave for saying what lots are thinking!

    your post is exactly what I’m thinking but I’m trying to be reasonable and all “innocent til proven guilty” …. and mostly just ignoring all of the coverage because I’ve had enough.

  3. Mash, well done on saying what you feel!!! I have tried very hard to keep neutral. I am divided as to whether he intentionally killed her or not. What I do know for definite, he was not this petrified man shooting for protection. Looking at the designs of his home, he went out of his way to shoot at a bathroom door. I do believe that he will get justice..I am having faith in our detectives to put together a solid case. I am not angry he got bail. Having watched the case closely, I do believe that there was not strong enough evidence to warrant denial of bail. But, I do believe this will be his last taste of “freedom”. I totally understand your feelings about the matter. It touched me in a very personal way. My ex once held a gun to my head and I will never forget that fear

  4. This case has got into my head and I must admit I swing from one conclusion to the other. You make some very good points Mash and they start to swing me in the other direction. I guess I really just want to believe that this was a mistake. I don’t believe we will ever know what really happened…..its very very sad.

  5. Dee

    #&%* neutral. He is guilty. I am so angry I better be careful what I say. He will probably get off with a lawyer that costs R60 000 a day BUT he will be ruined and die an old, sad, angry man.

  6. The Blessed Barrenness

    Mmmm, I am all over the place on this one, I don’t want to believe that he would do something like that, but perhaps he did. Having said that, I think it’s important to remember that granting him bail is not an innocent or guilty verdict, this is not his trial … yet and we can only hope that justice will prevail.

  7. Nisey

    Sadly I’m jaded and I’m convinced that he will walk away from this with his reputation in tatters and few other repurcussions.

    Honestly, I don’t care if he thought it was an intruder or he had a temper tantrum – R33va St33nkamp is dead. He admitted to killing her.

    Why does anyone care about anything else?

    Fortunately for him we live in a country with a notoriusly bumbling police force so there you go.

  8. Sam

    Personally I don’t think that there is any question as to his guilt. He’s guilty – she’s dead and he’s admitted he shot her. It’s the why that’s a mystery to me and I have my own theory as to what happened in that room that morning but the fact is only 2 people know the truth of it and one of them is dead. It’s tragic, my heart bleeds for Reeva’s family AND Oscar’s family. As for Oscar, I am trusting that his expensive defense team will not get him off scott free and that he’ll pay the price for taking someone else’s life.


  9. St. Elsewhere

    I like to agree with Sam here. I wonder why he would do it. He was such a role model, and she was such a beauty. Why not just tell your girlfriend that it’s over? Why kill her?

    When I was out of my teens, there was a case in the city, of a guy who killed his would-be betrothed days before the wedding was to take place BECAUSE he did not want to marry her, and did not have the heart to break the engagement.

    This Athlete case reminds me of the same. Except that the involved here are public figures.

    I hope he pays for what he did.

    I came to know later that this brother too has been implicated in a separate case?


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