Things I’ve tried

There have been many.

Timed Cycles – ovulation prediction kits, counting days and keeping a calendar journal of in.tercourse.  This is a theme that runs through my journey consistently, and it is by far the worst experience of them all.  There really is nothing to kill romance or passion, quite as effectively as this can.

Naturopath – this was the first stop on our alternative healing journey.  It happened long before I went to the FS.  He did a live blood analysis and recommended the following vitamins and minerals for me: probiotics, agnus castus, royal jelly, zinc, iron (floradix), folic acid, goji berries, vitamin B12 and some drops with the following herbs in them – bladderwrack, nettles, black cohosh, dandelion, capsicum.  There are 5 diagnosis words that I can’t read, but the one I can is Candida.  I googled another one, and that is Rouleaux, which is a whole lot of blood cells that are stuck together.  In hindsight when I check this out on wikipedia, the word inflammation stands out at me.  Then there are some words ending in cytosis.  Whateva.  Some diligent taking of vitamins and 6 months of denial followed this.

Psychotherapy – I wanted my grief to be cleaned out of me and tidily packed away.  That’s not how it is with grief though.

Acupuncture – this was an entertaining one.  I sat in a waiting room with a guy who was probably twice my height and twice my width.  He looked like a nightclub bouncer.  He went in first.  The screams that came out of that room sounded like someone was being hacked to death, I wasn’t sure if it was the acupuncturist or the bouncer.  But my legs were telling me to leave the building.  I managed to resist the urge, but went in (after the bouncer came out, without any axes hanging out of his head surprisingly) and told the acupuncturist that there was absolutely no way he could work on me with needles since that is one of my biggest phobias.  Not entirely a lie.  In fact, the question on what I was doing there in the first place is a very valid one.  I went home, instead, with a fortune’s worth of Chinese Herbs.  They made me so sick I had to take two days off work.  They are still lying on the shelf in the study, because I can’t bring myself to throw them away after spending so much on them.

Yoga Therapy – I love this woman and have sometimes thought I would like to have her at the birth of my child one day.  She was also my anatomy teacher for the yoga teacher’s training.  Yoga therapy consisted of movements designed to massage organs and lots of excellent advice around castor oil packs, how to cope with the hideous HSG (she used to be an xray technician) and sometimes just long heart to heart chats.  During this time I eventually plucked up the courage to visit an FS.

Bowen Therapy – by this time I had been diagnosed with one definitely blocked fallopian tube and another likely very dodgy one.  It’s difficult to explain how this technique works (google it), but it was also a very pleasant and pain-free experience.  It doesn’t feel like she is doing much at all, but after my first session one Saturday morning, I went home and slept for 7 hours, and I never sleep during the day.

Reiki – One day I was at a faire, one of those places full of crystals and Louise Hay books.  My favourite kind of place in other words.  It was noisy and busy, but in a corner, at the back, I noticed a tiny, elderly, asian woman doing reiki.  It looked as if there was a bubble of peace surrounding her, I can still see the scene clearly in my mind.  It was incredibly beautiful to see this in the chaos and noise of the hall.  Of course I was in like Flynn.  She worked on me for 45 minutes.  As her hands came over my belly, I felt a deep warmth in my abdomen.  At the end, she spoke to me quietly.  She told me that if I was to fall pregnant, it would be a true miracle, and I should call the child Emmanuel, meaning God is with us.  I skipped away smiling.  All I heard was miracle, and I was so sure that miracle would be mine.  Now when I look back, I realise that her message was a very different one, and that possibly she had seen the difficulty that lay ahead for us.

Self Fertility Massage – I had read about a clinic in the States that used massage to break adhesions.  I was very seriously considering going, but it was going to cost me the same as 2 IVF’s.  Eventually one of my lovely bloggettes recommended a natural fertility website, they were selling a DVD on how to do the massage yourself.  I bought it.  I tried it, and it worked in the sense that my cycle become a lot more pleasant to live with!  It took a lot of time though, and time is a very precious thing to me.  I have since then found a different solution – some ayurvedic advice I was given years ago.  Eat three pieces of fruit every day and finish all your meals by 7pm, to give the food time to digest before you sleep.  No kidding, this honestly worked.  My cycles are so much healthier and more painfree now!

Quantum Energy Coaching – This was a course I went on, a combination of a number of techniques, which is very effective in changing your underlying beliefs.  The ones you don’t think you have!  By changing an underlying belief, sometimes physical change actually takes place in the body.  I had a belief that I could not fall pregnant naturally, and it came as a surprise to me.  The lady giving this course was a GP who had practiced in the UK for many years, and had developed this as a result of noticing how many people were coming to her with illnesses that were created by their negativity.  DH also did this course, and it had a fantastic impact on his confidence when it came to his work.

Trauma Release Exercises – taught by the same lady as the Quantum Energy Coaching, this is a fascinating way for the body to release trauma, through tremoring.  It was an incredible experience, and I hoped that I would release the traumas of the past few years, thereby making my uterus fluffy and fertile.  Looking back, I now see that I was probably on the right track with this.

Intuitive Counselling – I know this woman well and I have a lot of respect for her.  She’s predicted a few major life events for me, and was about as spot on about them as you can get.  She sees us adopting, but also having a baby of our own.  Two children, one birth.  The interesting thing about her predictions though, is that they can change according to decisions you make, proving that we do have some influence over the outcomes of our lives.  My current outcome seems to be determined by the fact that I am too responsible (for everyone).  It rings true, and it hurts like hell, because I don’t know any other way of being.  She didn’t feel like the problem was in my fallopian tubes, and she’s not a medical intuitive, but she said she felt like there was something with my lymph. 

Scio Biofeedback – I heard about this on one of the forums.  A girl who had battled for about as long as I had, went to see a guy fairly close to where I live, and fell pregnant naturally a month later.  His reading on me was really interesting.  He highlighted stress in my life.  He said that my adrenals were in a bit of a state, and those are the endocrine (hormonal) glands associated with stress.  He said that most people having my level of stress would not be coping with it, but I was taking it in my stride.  He gave me a supplement called Gaba, which made me feel anxious and so I stopped taking it.  He also highlighted a problem with my lymph, stating that he thought my body might be fighting off some infection that I wasn’t aware of.  My pituitary gland also seemed be operating sub optimally, and after two sessions with him, he found it all to be a bit of a mystery!

Body Talk – Bingo.  This is the one that bought it all together for me.  She picked up on lymph, the adrenals and my pituitary gland (and I never said a word about the biofeedback guy’s reading).  But she managed to interpret it for me into something I can actually work with.  I’m in a permanent state of shock, a state of readiness for emergencies and disasters.  Not conducive to pregnancy.  Not conducive to health either!  It’s the same thing everyone else has been saying all along, in different words.

Visualisations, prayers and affirmations – On the fridge, there’s a photo of me holding my 10 week old niece.  Next to my bed is a willow tree angel figurine.  The one holding a baby.  I’ve done many, many affirmations.  And I pray, OMG do I pray… (what song is that from?)

Massage – Just relax and you’ll fall pregnant.  One of the blissful things about living in one of the tourism attraction cities of the world, is the off season specials.  I go for a half price massage at the health spa in one of the five star hotels once a month.  It’s not going to help me get pregnant, but it’s nice!


5 responses to “Things I’ve tried

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  2. Nisey

    We are frighteningly similar my dear virgo… not only most of the treatments but also the willow tree angel holding the baby!
    Its a long list but at least putting it down on paper has helped you to see the pattern, although the treatments may not have helped you fall pregnant this far i’m sure they’ll prove their worth when the time comes for IVF

  3. tzipieastwest

    Every step, big or small, counts on the way !

    I would date and keep that list; if one day my child(ren) doubt(s) if s/he was desired, I’ll have a list to show! 😉

  4. Tamsen

    Long list!
    Just in case you haven’t found it yet (and get as obsessed as I do about finding songs) – I think the song is by 4 Non Blondes, called What’s up – you can probably get the video on YouTube.

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