My husband and I are currently going through a separation. I love him more than anything in the world, and have nothing to hide from him, but don’t feel that my blog is a healthy communication mechanism for us. For that reason I have password protected some posts.

If you want to read the protected posts, leave a comment here with your blog address (if you have one), let me know how you found this blog, and I’ll email you the password.


16 responses to “Password

  1. Hi
    I found your blog though TTCnot2Easy. I have only just started blogging and hope that you will allow me to read.


  2. mmantell

    Hi Mash

    I’m one of your fellow ttc on the fertilicare site and have been following your blog for awhile and love it. Your courage and will to go on with life after what you have been through is really inspiring. Would love to be able to follow your blog in order to read about the day all your hopes and wishes comes true.

  3. Am somehow unable to read the latest post…typed in the magic bean number of times…and nothing happens!

  4. bethjane

    Hi, I found you through Sharon, at Ibelieveinmiracles. Would like to keep following your journey and hope that you do find your peace and happiness.
    Take care,

  5. Elinda


    I found your blog from TTC, I would like to read your blog.


  6. hi,

    i am usually just a lurker, and don’t comment much. found your blog about a month ago via m. would very much like to continue reading. if not, i won’t be offended 😉

    hope you’re doing as well as you can be – d

  7. Carissa

    Hey, I am interested in your password. I just started reading your blog, found it through Maybe Babies website. I found it very interesting. I visited your other site as well. I can understand your feelings. My sister was murdered by her live in boyfriend 11 years ago and it took them 9 years to convict him. He is now put away for the rest of his life. But in reality he should have been put away when he did it. Just very bad detective work on the city level. It was not until the state got involved that anything was done.

  8. Dudu


    I found your blog from FC, I would like to read your blog.


  9. Also found your blog via fertilicare. My blog is Not sure if you’re still doing password protected posts but just in case. Love Katherine

  10. Hey,
    I want follow your blog and not sure if I have to confirm here?? *blond moment* still new at this!!

    Your friend from Fertilicare

  11. Hey Mash
    I would appreciate you sharing your password – found your blog through fertilicare, and its been a real inspiration to me.
    You will see that I have opened a blog page, but am still trying to wrap my head around this whole blogging thing – no idea when or where to start!
    Tx a mill

  12. adesolaf

    I have been following your blog for sometime now and I think I have made a comment or two on previous posts. I am still catching up on old posts (currently ready October 2010), I have a habit of reading archives of any blog I follow as I believe it helps me understand the blogger better, so I have not yet reached any of the password protected posts, but I would definitely love to follow your journey.

    Really can’t remember how I found your blog (hope you are not upset about this!) , but I’m glad I did, cos I have had many a laughs and cries (and tears) from reading your post and following your journey.

  13. Karen


    Found your blog via Miela’s blog. I am also on FC. I just started reading your blog.


  14. hi, I found you on Pamela’s blog. I would love to know about you more. lots of love from sLOVEnia

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