Sharing the Journey

These are the gals and guys that join me on the bumpy road to parenthood:

Male Factor Infertility
A Land Far Away = now parenting
Mommy In Waiting who is married to Hopelessly TTC = BFP 🙂 – twinnies!

Tubal Infertility
Bratty’s View = now parenting

This and That
Communique = now parenting
Peanut’s Journey = BFP 🙂
Where’s my 2 Lines? = now parenting -> 7th IVF, triplets (threw that in to give you hope – amazing story)
Cherry Red
Pitter Patter = now parenting

Donor Eggs
Angels On My Mind = now parenting twinnies
Maybe Baby
The Penny Chronicles
Wannabe Mommy

Mindful Meandering = now parenting
TTC Not Too Easy = now parenting
Skrambled = got the call 20/9/2011

Celiac Disease
Waiting in Sunshine = now parenting twinnies -> if I’m not mistaken this was on the 11th IVF, first one after Celiac diagnosis, also hope inspiring!!!

Unicornuate Uterus

Infertility after Loss
Once A Mother = now parenting twinnies
Woman Anyone? = BFP 🙂

Motherhood After Infertility
So Close

A really comprehensive list of the fertility blogs out there
Stirrup Queen’s Completely Anal List of Blogs That Proves That She Really Missed Her Calling as a Personal Organizer

Most fertility warriors fall under more than one category.  I have tried to select the most relevant and recent category for each.  If you find that you are in the wrong “box” please let me know!!!


10 responses to “Sharing the Journey

  1. Send me your email address please! xx

  2. Followed the link to your blog off the fertilicare forum and read your story…got goosebumps because I can’t believe how much I can relate! I too lost my Dad to crime years ago..I heard the gun shot in driveway, ran outside and watched him drop to the ground (this was after losing my mom to cancer less than a year before that.) I watched him die and I’ve never been the same. Reading your words really touched me- to look around at how everybody is going about there normal lives when yours has changed forever…
    I can also relate to how you say you can’t chat to God about the baby bit…
    I’ve started my blog only yesterday and will update it with my stories, but I can’t tell you how you have made me feel less lonely in this…!
    Will be following your blog and wishing the best for you!

  3. Thanks for including me on your awesome list! I am in some good company. 🙂


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  6. You know, it still tickles me to read the BFP against my blog title…still as if ‘Oh, that is me’.

  7. WiseBursche

    I wish you had to mention – ‘now parenting’, in front of me.

    • So do I, I so desperately wish I had to mention that my friend. I cried the day I had to take off the BFP and smiley next to it. My heart still aches for you every day, and I pray that your next miracle BFP is right around the corner xxxx

  8. So gflipping cool seeing BFP next to the names of our blogs! Thanks!

  9. I like your site, thanks for sharing your struggles and insight.

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